Many users find it easier to clone records that have similar content, rather than spending the time manually setting them up. Fae has the ability to allow one-click clones from the index or the edit form, as well as flexibility to whitelist attributes and clone assocations.


The most basic implementation of this feature clones the record, all it’s attributes (except id, created and updated at) and any belongs_to associations via foreign_keys. We also check for any uniqueness validators on your attributes and rename them to “attribute-#”, starting at 2, for your convenience.

Add Buttons

You may add the clone button to the index, edit form, or both.


For Index

Add the following to your thead, usually after ‘Delete’:

  th.-action data-sorter="false" Clone

And to your tbody:

td = fae_clone_button item

For Form

Simply pass cloneable: true into your form_header partial. You may also edit the default text ‘Clone’, by passing in clone_button_text and your own string.

  render 'fae/shared/form_header', cloneable: true, clone_button_text: 'Duplicate Me!'

That’s all for basic set-up.


If you want complete control over which attributes and associations are cloned, we wouldn’t call you a control freak. We’ve baked in some nice simple methods to make this possible.

Note: Asset cloning is not currently supported, so if you try to pass in those associations, cloning will fail.

Whitelisting Attributes

If you want to whitelist attributes to be cloned, you may add the attributes_for_cloning method into your controller’s private method. Just pass in an array of symbols and we will take care to only copy those attributes over.

Note: please make sure to include everything that is required, or the record will fail to get created. You’ve been warned.


def attributes_for_cloning
  [:name, :slug, :description, :wine_id]

Cloning Associations

Belongs_to associations are automatically copied over, unless you are whitelisting attributes and forget to/ purposely don’t add it there. For the rest of the associations you may have (i.e. has_one, has_many, has_and_belongs_to_many, has_many_through), you may use the associations_for_cloning method by passing in array of symbols.

Note: Any images or files you have will not be copied along, if you have included those relationships.


def associations_for_cloning
  [:aromas, :events]

Fae Clone Button

You can use fae_clone_button in your list view tables to provide easy access to clone an item. Just pass in the item and the button will clone the object and take you to the newly created object’s edit form.

fae_clone_button item