View Helpers

Fae provides a number of built in view helpers.

Fae Date Format


The fae_date_format and fae_datetime_format helpers format a DateTime object in Fae’s preferred method. The default fae_date_format formats to: 06/23/15.

fae_date_format item.updated_at

Fae Datetime Format


You can also use fae_datetime_format for the long date format with the timestamp: Jun 23, 2015 4:56pm PDT.

fae_datetime_format item.updated_at

Fae Toggle


Fae toggle

The fae_toggle helper method takes an AR object and attribute. It then creates the HTML necessary for a working Fae on/off toggle switch.

fae_toggle item, :on_prod

Fae Clone Button


You can use fae_clone_button in your list view tables to provide easy access to clone an item. Just pass in the item and the button will clone the object and take you to the newly created object’s edit form.

fae_clone_button item

Fae Delete Button


You can use fae_delete_button in your list view tables to provide easy access to delete an item.

option type description  
item ActiveRecord object item to be deleted  
delete_path (optional) String Route helper delete endpoint
attributes (optional) symbol => value pass custom attributes to the link_to helper  
fae_delete_button item
fae_delete_button item, "/#{fae_path}/delete", remote: true, data: { delete: 'true' }

Form Header


The form_header helper takes an AR object or string to render an <h1> based on the action. Can also display breadcrumb links.

option type description
header ActiveRecord object (required) passed to form_header helper method


form_header @user

renders Edit User on the edit page

form_header 'Release'

renders New Release on the new page

Require Locals


The require_locals method is intended to be used at the beginning of any partial that pulls in a local variable from the page that renders it. It takes an Array of strings containing the variables that are required and the local_assigns view helper method.

If one of the locals aren’t set when the partial is called, an error will be raised with an informative message.

require_locals ['item', 'text'], local_assigns

Fae Avatar


Retrieve a user’s Gravatar image URL based on their email.

option type description
user Fae::User defaults to current_user
#=> ''

Fae Sort ID


This method returns a string suitable for the row IDs on a sortable table. Note: you can make a table sortable by adding the js-sort-row class to it.

The parsed string is formatted as "#{class_name}_#{item_id}", which the sort method digests and executes the sort logic.

tr id=fae_sort_id(item)

Fae Index Image


This method returns a thumbnail image for display within table rows on index views. The image is wrapped by an .image-mat div, which is styled to ensure consistent widths & alignments of varied image sizes. If a path is provided, the image becomes a link to that location.

option type description
image Fae::Image Fae image object to be displayed
path (optional) String A URL to be used to create a linked version of the image thumbnail
/ With link
fae_index_image item.bottle_shot, edit_admin_release_path(item)
/#=> <div class='image-mat'><a href="..."><img src="..." /></a></div>

/ Without link
fae_index_image item.bottle_shot
/#=> <div class='image-mat'><img src="..." /></div>

Fae Paginate

fae_paginate @items

Fae paginate

Adds pagination links for @items, given @items is an ActiveRecord collection.