Custom JS, CSS and Helpers

Fae creates two files in your assets pipeline that allow custom JS and CSS in your admin.

Fae JS

app/assets/javascripts/fae.js compiles into fae/application.js. As noted in the file, you can use it as a mainfest (to add a lot of JS) or to simply add JS directly to.

Example: fae.js as a Manifest File

// This file is compiled into fae/application.js
// use this as another manifest file if you have a lot of javascript to add
// or just add your javascript directly to this file
//= require admin/plugins
//= require admin/main


app/assets/stylesheets/fae.scss compiles into fae/application.css. Styles added to this files will be declared before other Fae styles. This file also provide a SCSS variable for Fae’s highlight color: $c-custom-highlight (which defaults to #31a7e6).

// Do Not Delete this page! FAE depends on it in order to set its highlight color.
// $c-custom-highlight: #000;

Custom Helpers

If you want to add your own helper methods for your Fae views, simply create and add them to app/helpers/fae/fae_helper.rb.

module Fae
  module FaeHelper
    # ...