Fae Initializer

Fae’s default config can be overwritten in a config/initializers/fae.rb file.

key type default description
devise_secret_key string   unique Devise hash, generated on rails g fae:install
devise_mailer_sender string “change-me@example.com” This email address will get passed to Devise and used as the from address in the password reset emails.
dashboard_exclusions array [] The dashboard will show all objects with recent activity.
max_image_upload_size integer 2 This will set a file size limit on image uploads in MBs.
max_file_upload_size integer 5 This will set a file size limit on file uploads in MBs.
languages hash {} This hash sets the supported languages for the multiple language toggle feature.
recreate_versions boolean false Triggers Fae::Image to recreate Carrierwave versions after save. This is helpful when you have conditional versions that rely on attributes of Fae::Image by making sure they’re saved before versions are created.
track_changes boolean true This is the global toggle for the change tracker.
tracker_history_length integer 15 This defines how many changes per object are kept in the DB.
disabled_environments array [] This option will disable Fae complete when the app is running on one of the defined environments
per_page integer 25 Sets the default number of items shown in paginated lists
use_cache boolean false Determines whether or not Fae will utilize cache internally. See docs